Smilegate Investment

Who we are

Since starting as MVP Venture Capital in 1999, we have positioned as a top-tier VC based on various investment experiences and skills.


    The history of Smilegate
    Investment is the history of
    Korea’s venture capital investment.

    We have found new industries and companies that will lead
    our future in the times of venture boom as well as in the struggled times after the financial crisis.

    We are growth partners who work together to ensure that investment companies can realize their value in the market.


    Smilegate investments has been
    a global success partner
    for Korean
    films and Korean games since
    its established.

    We believe in Korean creativity and global competitiveness
    of content, so we are investing in the new forms
    of contens and related ecosystems.

    We have a strong confidence that Korean culture
    will spread globally in the future.

    & BUYOUT

    Smilegate Investment is now
    creating a new trend in
    private equity market thorugh
    and acquisition of environment,
    manufacturing and distribution
    that create stable cash flows.

    We are a Private Equity Investor who discovers and
    invests in hidden values that will make a big change but competitors didn't notice.

Our Approach

We invest in and support companies to become excellent companies by making a big success in the global market.
Big potential, broad market and sustainable growth are the criteria of excellent companies in the future that we have sought for.


    We invest in companies that have a huge
    We believe that a huge potential
    comes from remarkable technologies and
    abilities to perceive markets.

    We recognize the value of remarkable technologies earlier
    than others. Also, we highly appreciate managers
    who focus on the market.

    To do so, we think, we need to keep our professionalism
    in each area. Therefore we continuously study and learn.
    We value the network of highly qualified
    professionals in each industry.


    We invest in companies targeting
    broad market.
    Great companies can't
    come out without a big market.

    We seek for the companies trying to advance into
    a bigger market, not satisfying with small successes,
    and we seek for a company which has a big dream
    even though the size is small.

    We always debate whether the company makes
    the products and services that can satisfy
    with the expectation of the market.


    We invest in companies that will
    grow as great

    Management team with invincible entrepreneurship
    and moral spirit is an important value.

    We recognize the team that can overcome hardships
    with a solid team work.

    We believe that such companies can become great
    companies when they and we are one team.

Our Vision

Leading Alternative Investment Design House

  • Field
  • Professionalism
  • Creativity